TMJ Disorder First Visit

At Northeast Facial and Oral Surgery Specialists, LLC we recognize that there are many areas of concern when patients present with Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) and facial pain. The TMJ’s are the hinges or joints that allow your lower jaw to move in all directions while you chew and function. The TMJ’s are unique since one side cannot function well without the other side. The joints are composed of a portion of the lower jaw and upper jaw and there is a soft tissue pad that sits between the two jaws. In addition, the muscles that surround the joint allow us to control the level and comfort of movement. When any portion of the anatomy of the joint is not functioning in concert with the other parts, patients may begin to suffer. This is known as Temporomandibular Disorder or TMD.

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At your first visit, a thorough physical and X-ray examination will be performed as necessary to help in establishing a proper diagnosis. Many times, patients will also require a soft tissue image, known as an MRI performed outside of the office to help us understand the source of your ailment. Once a proper diagnosis has been established treatment can be appropriately guided. Fortunately, many patients with TMD will not require surgery and can be managed with appropriate conservative therapy. This may include a night guard, physical therapy, and/or medications.

For those patients who do require surgery, we will be sure to fully explain all of your options. At Northeast Facial and Oral Surgery Specialists, LLC, we utilize the latest technology to allow the most precise procedures to be performed in the least invasive way possible. Our team is able to answer any further questions you might have. Please feel free to call us at any time.