Orthognathic Surgery First Visit

Welcome to Northeast Facial and Oral Surgery Specialists, LLC. Our practice specializes in orthognathic surgery (also know as corrective jaw surgery). The process of corrective jaw surgery can be confusing and overwhelming and we would like to take this time to familiarize you and alleviate some of your concerns. The process of correcting a skeletal malocclusion typically involves both treatment by your orthodontist as well as your oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

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There will be several visits to our office thoughout your care. Your initial visit will take approximately one hour and will involve a physical examination as well as the acquisition of any necessary x-rays and facial photographs. We will review the concepts of corrective jaw surgery to improve your understanding and expectations moving forward. We will also have a preliminary discussion about health benefits so you can better understand what can be a very confusing topic. We are here to help guide you through this process from start to finish making what may be a stressful circumstance into one that is as smooth and as clear and easy as possible. Your next visit will be for a discussion to review the findings of the initial visit, to present your diagnoses and to develop a treatment plan and time line. This visit also typically takes approxmiately one hour and it is helpful to have a family member or friend present at this visit. During this visit, we will utilize the latest technology to increase your understanding of the process of corective jaw surgery. There is typically a one time out of pocket fee associated with these visits that covers all records, x-rays, examination and time involved both face to face with out as well as behind the scenes where the diagnoses and treatment plan are generated and letters to coordinate care with your dentist and orthodontist are created. That fee is collected at the time of the initial records visit. We will also submit to your health insurance carrier for your re-imbursement for these visits.

Once a treatment plan has been devised, we will handle submitting to your health insurance company for prior authorization. This may take several weeks and occasionally, your insurance carrier will recommend you be sent to additional clinicians to document functional defecits associated with your skeletal malocclusion. These could include speech therapists, sleep studies or any other clinician as deemed necessary based upon your specific diagnoses. Once insurance authorization is approved, we will recommend that you begin your orthodontic therapy to align your teeth in preparation for surgery. We will see you several times throughout your pre-surgical orthodontics as deemed necessary by your orthodontist and these visits will be billed to your insurance carrier with no out of pocket expense to you.

Once your teeth are in position to allow appropriate jaw repositioning you will be scheduled for surgery. You will have two visits with us prior to surgery. The first visit will take approximately one hour and will allow all final records to be obtained. The next visit shortly before surgery will be for a pre-surgical discussion where the final treatment plan will be reviewed, surgical consent forms will be obtained and any surgical deposit will be collected. Again, it is helpful to bring a family member or friend to this visit so they may be more knowledgeable about helping to care for you after your procedure. This last visit will also take approximately one hour and will be billed to your insurance company with no additional fee to you. Surgery is performed with you fully asleep in the hospitl so pain is not an issue. Most patients will spend one night in the hospital prior to returning home but some patients may be treated on a same day basis. Once home, recovery is typically one week if a single jaw is operated or two weeks if both upper and lower jaws require repositioning. You should expect to be swollen during the first few weeks but pain will likely be minimal. You will be seen for several recovery visits and typically will return to your orthodontist to finalize your bite at 4-6 weeks after surgery. Full contact sports will need to be avoided for 2-3 months after surgery and you can expect to be on a soft, non-chew diet for 6-8 weeks after surgery.

We hope you find this information helpful and we look forward to meeting you in the office at your consultation. Please feel free to call us with any questions you might have.